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torsdag 5 januari 2017

The year

One year.

One year of insane adventures, spectacular places, inspiring, amazing people, weird jobs, awesome jobs, shitty apartments and wonderful places to call home.

I remember how we left Sweden with our backpacks, a one-way ticket to Bangkok and the intention to be away for 4-5 months. We waived goodbye to friends and family, said ”we’ll see you this summer” and left without looking back. 4-5 months turned into a year and here I am, 365 days later and still not ready to go back home.

Home is questionable now. I know where the house I grew up in is, I know where my family and the friends I grew up with are, but my concept of home has changed. When I spent christmas in India I wasn’t homesick for Sweden; I was homesick for Melbourne. I do not want to go back to my job in Sweden, but I miss the job and the people I worked with in Port Douglas. A year creates perspective - a home can exist anywhere in the world.

At the same time, I am aware that this life is not real. It is not unreal, but rather an escape from the life I know is waiting for me back in Sweden. The life where I again will start over fresh, with university, studies, new people and knowledge. I know it will be fine, and a small part of me is excited, excited for that part of my life. But I am still scared to burst the bubble I am currently living in. Because life do feel easier when you live like this; constantly on the run for adventures and without a worry in the world.

I look back at the year that has gone by and I get overwhelmed with everything that I have done. The places I have been, the people I have met. It is a cliché to say that traveling changes you, but it is a lie to say that it doesn’t. In ways that might not be noticeable, you change. You grow. You learn. You become stronger, your skin gets thicker and your views widen. Every challenge you face will teach you something and keep you grounded.

For every place I go to, I add another one on my list. It is impossible for me to feel done or finished. There is simply to many places I want to see, to many things I want to experience. Traveling does that to you, it is like an addiction. It gets harder to settle when you are aware of what is out there. Mostly, however, it is the escape from reality that keeps me going. I think a small part of me always will long for the run and for the freedom. Luckily, it is never more than a one-way ticket and a backpack away.

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