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tisdag 24 januari 2017

Love trumps hate.

It would be so easy to loose hope now. To give up, bow down with the exiting words being ”I’m done, we’re screwed”. Because it certainly feels like we have lost an long, struggling battle. It feels like we have lost to those who believe in dividing people in to more or less worthy, more or less deserving. It feels like we have lost to those who do not believe that every human being has the same value, those who believe that everyone does not deserve equal opportunities. 

So it would be so easy to give up the fight. To turn our backs on what the world has come to. Easy to stay quiet, to feel weak and defeated. 

Instead I see us rising. I see people marching all over the world for women rights, for human rights, defending their beliefs. After slowly taking two steps forward we have been thrown seven steps back, but instead of slowing down we start running faster than before. We are running towards what we know is right. 

Because despite all of the awfulness going on, despite our rights literally being signed away by a group of white middle aged men as we speak, we know we are stronger. The power of love and togetherness will always win over hate and separation. Love will always trump hate. 

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